Bags for Behçet’s

Our Trustee Catherine O’Hara has kindly made some beautiful and unique crochet bags which she is selling to raise funds for Behçet’s UK.

Catherine, who has Behçet’s, says that “crocheting has helped in the recovery from flares and in counteracting the anxiety of feeling ill and being unable to do much until the flare subsides. Crocheting has been my salvation over the past few years”.

The bags are all one-of-a-kind and are priced at £8 each plus postage and packing, which will be calculated on an individual basis.

Circular Bag Colours Front: Deep pink and orange Back: Yellow, orange and pink Width 8” Bag handle: 2 White, diameter 5” Height 8” Material Chunky Wool Extras
Large Wine Bag Colours Wine 8” Bag handle: 1 Amber Diameter 5” 9” Chunky Wool One colour Gold large button fastening
Peach Bag with  flower motif Peach, wine 8” Bag handle: 2 Amber Diameter 5” 6” Chunky Wool One colour  
Blue and Grey fur trimmed bag Blue, Grey, turquoise 9” 2 handles Black Diameter 5” 6” Chunky Wool Turquoise faux fur trim
Multi-coloured tweed effect bag Front: Aqua and Tweed Back: Lilac and Tweed 12” at bottom Handle: 1 Gold brown Diameter 5”   8” Chunky Wool Large Sea Green fastening buckle
Two tone brown and maroon bag Brown and Maroon 9.5” Handle: 1 Gold brown Diameter 5” 7.5” Double knitting wool Small gold button fastening
Pink and orange fan pattern bag Front: Pink Back: Orange 10” Handles:2 Cream rope style moulded handles Diameter: 6” 6.5” Chunky Wool  
Lilac Purse evening bag Lilac 7.5” Handles: Black Diameter 5” 7” Cotton Dark blue cotton lining
Blue, Green, Purple evening bag Blue, Green, Purple 5” Handle: 1 Amber Diameter:5” 6” Fine Japanese yarn Beading around opening Dark blue cotton lining

If you’re interested in purchasing a bag please email