What Behçet’s UK Does

Aims of the Society

Behçet’s UK (formerly Behçet’s Syndrome Society) was formed in 1983 by Judith Buckle (1950-1997). Its main aims are to:

  • Provide information and support for people with Behçet’s and for those who care for them.
  • Provide financial aid for those in hardship caused by Behçet’s.
  • Foster education, collaboration and networking in the medical and allied professions with an interest in Behçet’s.
  • Promote and assist with research into Behçet’s.
  • Promote the formation of patient support groups and awareness of this rare condition amongst appropriate influential institutions, authorities and decision-making bodies, and to provide them with detailed information about Behçet’s.

Services the Society provides:

  • Contacts and local groupsMembers who wish to be put in touch with others can be put in touch with people in their area. We have volunteers who run some local support groups.
  • Facebook peer-to-peer support groupsWe have recently created new Facebook groups for our members.
  • Financial aid: The Society will provide grants to help people who are in hardship because of Behçet’s.
  • Helpline: The Society provides a telephone helpline for its members.
  • FactsheetsAll these factsheets are available free of charge from the Society.
  • NewslettersThese are issued to members, usually four times yearly. They have contributions from members and items and announcements of general interest.
  • Personal information service: Confidential information about symptoms, treatments, centres of expertise and availability of experts can all be given to people individually and privately either by the telephone helpline service, by email or by letter.
  • Family Day: Every year we hold a family day in a different part of the UK
  • AGM & Conference: Our annual AGM & Conference is held in a different part of the UK every October and members are entitled to attend for free
  • Society merchandiseWe sell merchandise to help raise funds for our Society and we can also provide you with collection boxes for your workplace or fundraising event.