Tony served in the Armed Forces for 35 years, during which time he notes that he was fortunate to have benefited from a wide variety of appointments and roles, before becoming a Lecturer in Systems Engineering at Cranfield University, where he remains a Visiting Fellow.  He is currently involved with the STEM initiative in schools, […]

Richard West

Vice Chair

Richard was diagnosed with Behçet’s in 1995, after 12 months of unusual symptoms, and his life was never quite the same again. He joined Behçet’s UK (formerly Behçet’s Syndrome Society) in 1996 and will be forever grateful for the excellent advice he received from the Helpline. He was a Trustee and then Secretary of BUK […]

Alan Lane

Hon Treasurer

This is a picture of Alan Lane, treasurer

Before taking slightly early “retirement”, Alan worked for 36 years in comprehensive schools, starting as a teacher of mathematics and computer studies and ending up as head of a large multicultural secondary school in Oxford. After that, he had a part-time role in a project to introduce new financial software into Oxfordshire schools and for […]

Judi Scott

Hon Secretary

Judi joined the Society in the early 1990s following the diagnosis of her daughter Joanna when she was 7. She has seen the Society flourish to become the hugely supportive organisation that it is today, and she is thrilled to be a trustee. Before becoming a trustee, Judi helped out by sending welcome packs to […]


Rachael was diagnosed with Behçet’s in 2004 after becoming suddenly unwell in early 2003, just 6 months after graduating in theatre acting and moving to Manchester. She got married in 2005, moved to Cardiff in 2007, started a paediatric nursing degree, and had her first baby, Joseff, in 2013. After maternity leave, Rachael began working […]

Some of you may already know Catherine as the support group leader for patients with Behçet’s in Scotland. Catherine has Behçet’s herself so she is all too aware of the difficulties around diagnosis and being referred to a number of specialists, who often don’t talk to one another. She hopes that her appointment to the […]

Mark Friston is a barrister and former doctor. He was first diagnosed in 1994; he underwent a successful bone marrow transplant in 2016 under the supervision of Prof Moots (Liverpool Centre of Excellence). He is committed to ensuring equal access to high-quality medical care for all patients in the UK.

Amanda Moseley has been a solicitor dealing with Family Law for the past 36 years. She was born in Oxford but has lived in Derby for the past 15 years, where she also runs a voluntary Child Contact Centre. Amanda first read about Behçet’s 14 years ago when she was looking for explanations for her […]

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